Types of Sentences (Basis of Structure) A sentence can consist of one clause (independent clause) or more than one clause (independent and dependent clauses). The independent clause is also known as a main clause. The dependent clause is also known as a subordinate clause. Different sentences have different structures. There […]

Types of Sentences Basis of Function A combination of words which gives a complete meaning is called a sentence. There are various types of sentence depending upon its structure and function. On the basis of its function, a sentence has the following four kinds. Declarative Sentence Interrogative Sentence Imperative Sentence […]

Subject, Predicate and Object A sentence is a combination of words that gives a complete meaning or thought. A sentence has the following three parts. Subject Predicate Object 1β‡’ Subject Subject is a noun or a pronoun used in a sentence. It is an agent in the sentence which does […]

English Sentences A combination or group of words that gives a complete meaning, thought or idea is called a sentence. Example.Β  I ate an apple. The above combination of words gives a complete meaning or idea. Such a group words can be called a sentence. Now, see another combination of […]

Article (the & a or an) There are three articles in English language: β€œthe” β€œa” and “an”. Articles are used for nouns. An article, like an adjective, modifies the noun. It adds to meaning of the noun. An article is always used before a noun or an adjective that modifies […]