F.Sc Part 1 – Physics Book Curriculum – BISE

F.Sc Part 1 – Physics Book Curriculum – BISE includes Physics concepts from 11th Class Physics Book. Complete explanation of Physics Basic Concepts in English and Urdu languages. Explanation of Physics Concepts in Written and Video format

Physics is an important subject for science students at secondary and higher secondary levels. Physics Basics explanation for those teachers who are teaching physics as well as for those Students who are studying physics.  

Choose Chapter below for detailed explanation:

Chapter 1: Measurements

Chapter 2: Vectors and Equilibrium

Chapter 3: Motion and Force

Chapter 4: Work and Energy

Chapter 5: Circular Motion

Chapter 6: Fluid Dynamics

Chapter 7: Oscillations

Chapter 8: Waves

Chapter 9: Physical Optics

Chapter 10: Optical Instruments

Chapter 11: Heat and Thermodynamicsb

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