LND Test Results

LND Test Results

LND Test Results

LND Test Results. Monitoring and Evolution Assistant (MEA) visits Punjab Government Schools every month. Check Online LND results for every district. MEA takes LND test from Class 3 Students. You can check your school’s result online. Simply Enter District’s EDO User Name and Password to check District’s LND result. 

For example to Check LND result for District Vehari

  • User Name: edo_staff_vehari
  • Password: Staffco*#$

The Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), School Education Department, employs 1100 field officers. These field officers visit all the public schools across Punjab, every month, and report key stats including student enrollment, teacher presence, and the availability of utilities. The benefits of the new monitoring mechanism have been enormous, and include real-time reporting with pictorial evidence, geo-tagging of sites visited, and automatic SMS alerts on target performance.


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Check MEA Schools Visit Report Here

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