Physics – Physical Quantities and Measurement

9th Class Physics

Chapter 1: Physical Quantities and Measurement 

1.1: Introduction to Physics

  1. Introduction to Physics
  2. Branches of Physics
  3. More on Branches of Physics

1.2: Physical Quantities

  1. Physical Quantities
  2. Problem on Physical Quantities

1.3: International System of Units

  1. International Systems of Base Units
  2. Standard of length-metre
  3. Standard of Time-Second
  4. Standard of Mass-Kilogram

1.4: Prefixes

  1. Introduction to Prefixes
  2. Problem on Introduction to Prefixes

1.5: Scientific Notation

  1. Scientific Notation
  2. Problem on Scientific Notation

1.6: Measuring Instruments

  1. Measuring with Meter Rule and Measuring Tape
  2. Introduction to Vernier Calipers
  3. Measuring with Vernier Calipers
  4. problem on Measuring with Vernier Calipers
  5. Introduction to Screw Gauge
  6. Measuring with Screw Gauge
  7. Mass measuring by Physical Balance
  8. Problem on Measuring with Screw Gauge
  9. Mass measuring by Lever Balance
  10. Electronic Balance
  11. Measuring Time by Stopwatch
  12. Measuring Volume by Cylinder
  13. Measuring Volume of Irregular Shaped Solid

1.7: Significant Figures

  1. Introduction to Significant Figures
  2. Problem on Introduction to Significant Figures
  3. Rules to find the Significant Digits in a measurement
  4. Zero as significant figure
  5. Problem on Rules to Find the Significant Digits in a Measurement
  6. Addition and Subtraction of Significant figures
  7. Multiplication and Division with Significant figures
  8. Rounding Off the numbers
  9. Laboratory Safety
  10. Problem on Multiplication and Division with Significant Figures
  11. Problem on Rounding Off the Numbers

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