9th Class

9th Class English Book Important Questions from Poems

9th Class English Book Important Questions from Poems

Here 9th Class English Book Important Questions from Poems. Read online 9th Class English Book Important Questions from Poems. You can also download complete 9th English notes and all other subjects notes on SEDiNFO.NET

Unit-5 Daffodils Unit-Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Some Important Short Questions

(i) How do you compare the daffodils with the stars?
Ans. Both daffodils and stars are the objects on nature. Daffodils that the poet sees are as numerous as the stars in the sky. Daffodils flutter while the stars twinkle. The comparison of daffodils with the stars in the poem enhances the beauty of daffodils.
(ii) How does the poet feel in the company of daffodils?
Ans. Wordsworth has a firm belief that the company of nature gives pleasure to human heart. Thus he feels very happy and relieved in the company of golden daffodils which are the beautiful objects of nature.
(iii) What do the daffodils represent in the poem?
Ans. Daffodils are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in the spring and are often associated with springtime and rebirth. In this poem they also stand nature and balmy effect on human mind and soul. These also represent creativity, inspiration and memory.
(iv) Why does the speaker stop on ‘the darkest evening of the year’?
Ans. The speaker is extremely sensitive to the beauty of nature. He is similar to William Wordsworth’s speakers in this respect. He is attracted to the light wind, soft snow, the trees and the silence. He enjoys the scene very much. Therefore, he stops there. 
(v) Why does the horse impatiently await the next move of his master?
Ans. The horse wonders why his rider has stopped near a deep dark woodland at night. He fears that they might suffer something wrong. Therefore, he is waiting impatiently for the next move of his master.

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