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9th Class English Letter Writing Letter 12


Here you can find 9th Class English Letter Writing Letter 12. Read online 9th Class English Letters notes. Fifteen (15) letters for 9th Class English syllabus. All letters with easy English. Prepare one by one all 15 letters for final exam preparation or class test. All Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) hold exam usually in March. Result declares after two or three months. Important study notes for 9th Class English with complete explanation.

9th Class English Letter Writing Letter 12

☞ (xii) Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his mother.

Examination Hall,
A.B.C. (City).
March 20, 2018.
Dear Friend,
   Though our relationship is a perennial bond of intimate relation yet whenever I get any bad news from you, my sorrow knows no bounds. It makes my heart bleed. I am extremely shocked to know that you have been deprived of your beloved mother forever.
Your mother was a very kind, noble and God-fearing lady. She had saintly qualities and sweet manners. I had special attachment to her. She loved me as her own son. I will never forget her words, “Hard work and perseverance is a key to success.”
Sooner or later everyone has to die. No one can escape from the cruel jaws of death. The laws of nature are absolute. We have to bow before them. I wonder if my words of sympathy can dry your tears and lessen your grief. Nothing but time can soother your sorrow. Have patience and bear this loss with courage. May her soul rest in peace!
I hope to see you very soon.
Yours sincerely,

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