Check LND Results Online


Check LND Results Online

Are you trying to Check LND Results Online of your class 3 students? Here you can check LND test results easily. All previous and latest LND results are available here. In addition, you can check result free of cost. Check online LND test results or download monthly results data packs.

You can check here school wise LND results, Markaz wise LND results, Tehsile wise LND results and District wise LND results. For checking school wise LND results, you have to enter your school’s EMIS code, similarly, for district wise lnd result, you’ll need your EDO’s user name and password.

What is LND? LND stands for Literacy Numeracy Drive. It’s  MCQs type test for class 3 students. Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant (MEA) takes LND test on monthly basis, from class 3 students. Test includes questions form 3 subjects i.e Math, English and Urdu.

It’s an important part of Punjab Education Minister’s Educational Road Map. Road Map is Chief Minister’s Initiatives for improving education in Punjab province.

  • Read in detail Chief Minister’s Road Map [Official Link]

Purpose of LND Test?

The main purpose of Literacy Numeracy Drive (LND) Test is enhance the learning ability of class 3 students. Students learn basics of Math, English and Urdu with the help latest technology. Students not only learn their class subjects, but, usage of latest technology too.

The Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), School Education Department, employs round about 1100 field officers. These field officers visit all the public schools across Punjab, every month, and report key stats including student enrollment, teacher presence, and the availability of utilities. The benefits of the new monitoring mechanism have been enormous, and include real-time reporting with pictorial evidence, geo-tagging of sites visited, and automatic SMS alerts on target performance.

Free Easy Way to Check Your Class 3 LND Results Online

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Don’t forget to check helpful study material for LND test preparation. All versions of LND Kitabcha, Litnum Resources, Lesson Plans, Primary Classes Textbooks.

Check: LND Test Preparation Complete Resources

Free Check Online LND results for every district. Moreover, you can check your school’s LND result online. Therefore, simply enter your school’s EMIS code and check result. Similarly, for complete districts result enter district’s EDO User Name and Password.

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