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F.Sc First Part Mathematics BISE Study Notes

F.Sc First Part Mathematics BISE Study Notes

F.Sc First Part Mathematics BISE Study Notes

Here on this page Download or read online F.Sc First Part Mathematics BISE Study Notes. Download FSc Math Solved Notes. FSc Math First Year Solved Notes Download. Excellent, Complete, Comprehensive and easy to understand FSc Math Part 1 Notes.

The pattern of board exams is a bit different from the school exams. Hence, here on SEDiNFO.NET, we are providing the complete online testing system for BISE Classes. In F.Sc first and second part almost 20-30% of papers come in the form of objective. Objective comprises of multiple choice questions. The marking division, However in objective and subjective of all the papers is different from one another.

Through online testing system of SEDiNFO.NET, students can prepare for their objective type paper in a better way. And will be able to attempt their board exams exceptionally. As half of the paper depend on objective type. Hence, students will be able to improve their marks through their good attempt of objective type paper.

We are fully hopeful that after learning from these notes you will score 90% plus marks in your exams as they have been prepared in a very simple, easy, brief and in simple and lucid language to understand. The purpose of sharing these notes in pdf format is to promote education in Pakistan and to help those students who really want to learn something.

Download F.Sc Part 1 Math Solved Notes

F.Sc First Part Mathematics BISE Study NotesBoards of Intermediate and Secondary Education’s (BISE) Past papers are also available on SEDiNFO.NET. Past Papers include the last five years past papers. Students can prepare themselves with  up to dated papers. Past papers are act like Guess for the students because there are some questions that repeats every year. As these questions are really important so the paper maker could not stop himself in putting these questions into the annual papers. If you have check these last five years past papers then you are able to get good marks because now you are full prepared for these questions before. These past papers are also useful in a manner that they can provide you the correct paper patterns.

Choose F.Sc Part 1 Math Unit for Solved Notes

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Unit Number and Name Download 
Unit-1: Numbers System Unit-1-Download
Unit-2: Sets, Functions and Groups Unit-2-Download 
Unit-3: Matrices and Determinants Unit-3-Download 
Unit-4: Quadratic Equations  Unit-4-Download
Unit-5: Partial Fractions  Unit-5-Download
Unit-6: Sequences and Series  Unit-6-Download
Unit-6: Sequences and Series (Question Bank) Unit-6-QB-Download
Unit-7: Permutation, Combination and Probability  Unit-7-Download
Unit-8: Mathematical Inductions and Binomial Theorems  Unit-8-Download
Unit-9: Fundamentals of Trigonometry  Unit-9-Download
Unit-9: Fundamentals of Trigonometry (Important Formulas) Unit-9-IF-Download
Unit-10: Trigonometric Identities Sum and Difference of Angles  Unit-10-Download
Unit-11: Trigonometric Functions and Their Graphs Unit-11-Download
Unit-12: Application of Trigonometry  Unit-12-Download
Unit-13: Inverse Trigonometric Functions  Unit-13-Download
Unit-14: Solutions of Trigonometric Equations  Unit-14-Download
Area Triangle Formulas ATF-Download
Trigonometric Values Handout TVH-Download


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