How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen
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How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen

How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen

Do you need to make your NTN number? Here you’ll get an easy answer to How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen. Now you don’t need to go anywhere or pay for it. As, with this easy guide you will be able to make your NTN number free of cost, within 10 minutes.

What is NTN number

NTN is an abbreviation for National Tax Number. Whoever gives the income to the Government, he/she has to register himself/herself with the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) & get the National Tax Number (NTN). A person having NTN have many advantages.

How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen

NOTE: You can also watch a video guide at the end of this page

In order to make NTS number, go through following easy steps;

1. 💡 In order to make NTN number for both employees & businessmen, go to following link.


You’ll see following page, while on this page, click on yellow colored box “Registration for Unregistered Person“.

FBR NTN number Registration for Unregistered Person

Next you’ll find following new registration page.

FBR NTN number registration Procedure step by step

2. 💡 Here on new registration page, enter number wise following information;

  1. You CNIC number’s 13 digits, without dashes e.g 3610212345674
  2. Leave it empty
  3. Select a suitable prefix for yourself e.g Mr, Mrs, Ms or Dr.
  4. Enter your First, Middle & Last part of your name e.g in Muhammad Atif Aslam, first part is Muhammad, second is Atif, while last is Aslam. In case of two parts, enter first & last name & leave middle name empty.
  5. Select you cellular service provider e.g Telenor, Mobilink, Ufone, Warid or Zong. In case of MNP, choose your current service provider e.g if you’ve jazz number converted to telenor then select telenor.
  6. Enter your mobile phone number starting from 0092 e.g 00923331234567. You’ll receive a confirmation code via sms
  7. Re-enter to confirm your same mobile phone number
  8. Enter your correct email address, you’ll receive a confirmation code via email too
  9. Re-enter to confirm your same email address
  10. Write antispam code, shown in picture e.g in above picture antispam code is Im/m
  11. At last click on “Submit” button.

Cell Number & Email Verification for NTN Number Registration

In the following picture, we’ve received confirmation codes both via sms & email. We entered both codes to confirm our mobile phone number & email address.

received confirmation code for FBR NTN registration

When you’ll click submit button, the following screen will show up

after email & cell number confirmation login

On this screen, it says ” Login to iris by entering your registration number, which is your CNIC No and Password, which has been sent on your Cell No. & email address”.

3. 💡 Now on login form, enter your CNIC No. in “Registration No” box, password in “Password” box & click on “Login” button. (NOTE AGAIN: Password has been sent on your Cell No. & email address)

FBR login screen, after successful registration

4. 💡 After login, you’ll see following screen

181 (Form of Registration filed voluntary) (Income Tax)

Here on this screen on left sidebar, click on “Draft”, in sub-menu click on “Registration (1)”. When you’ll click on “Registration (1)”, under Task “181 (Form of Registration filed voluntary) (Income Tax)” appears. Click on that form once & then click “Edit” button.

5. 💡 When you’ll click on “Edit” button, following screen will appear;

Adding employer details in link tab

Making NTN number procedure is same upto this point both for employees & businessmen. But, further steps are different for both. Therefore, opt further steps below accordingly;

Making NTN Number for Employees:

6. 💡 Here in “181 (Form of Registration filed voluntary) (Income Tax)”, employees click on “Link” tab (shown in above picture). In “Link” tab, by clicking on ➕ sign, available on right side, following window appears;

adding new information in link tab

7. 💡 In this window, employee need to show their link to his/her respective department. Enter information as below;

  1. Choose “Employer” from Capacity
  2. Next you’ve to enter your departments name, for this click on 🔎 icon & write your department’s name e.g Education Department. After search ends click on “Select”, in front of your searched department.
  3. In third row, you’ve to enter your enter your share. In case of government employee you can enter 100.
  4. On “Start Date” row, click on 📅 icon to choose your date of joining.

8. 💡 Procedure of making NTN number for employees, ends here. Now, you click on “Submit” button & then click on “Print” button (as shown below in picture)

submitting & printing 181 registration form

Your NTN registration file downloads as shown below. (Don’t forget to read an important note at the end of this page)

FBR NTN certificate

Making NTN Number for Businessmen:

In “181 (Form of Registration filed voluntary) (Income Tax)”, Businessmen have to enter information in all tabs. except “Link”. In all tabs, businessmen can add information accordingly, by clicking on ➕ sign

Adding information in 181 registration form for businessmen

Important Note:

Only making NTN is not much beneficial, until you submit income tax return.

Video Guide Making NTN Number on FBR for Employees

That’s all about How to Make NTN Number on FBR for Employees & Businessmen. In case of any query, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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    1. Email aur cell phone confirmation message receive hota hy? Agr receive hota hy to password b receive hona chahiye. Aur agr confirmation message hi ni receive hota to phr ap apna email aur cell number recheck kren

  1. Verification codes mil receive hota hai mgr password nahi receive ho raha 20 mint ho gae wait krtay huwe

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    1. Mam shyd ap kahen koi minor mistake kr rhi hen, kindly read thoroughly above guidelines & follow them strictly. Aisa error ni aata. Phr b agr problem solve na ho to hum ap ki itni favor kr sakty hen k ap ki registration ka process complete kr dety hen. For this contact us with required information.

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