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How to write Teacher Dairy Lesson Plan and Download Teacher Diary Free

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Today’s topic is “How to write Teacher Dairy Lesson Plan and Download Teacher Diary Free”. Mostly teachers already know it very well, but, some other feel confused sometime about the exact way to write it. We’ll try our best to make it easy with the help of Teacher diary samples.

In addition, with discussion on ‘How to write Teacher Diary” you can also download Teacher Diary here. It’s a ever best easy to write Teacher diary, available for all school teachers, irrespective of teacher designation & sector. (Jump directly to download Teacher diary)

How to write Teacher Dairy Lesson Plan and Download Teacher Diary Free

Writing diary is a good habit not only for teachers but for students too. Usually, in government and private schools it’s compulsory for teachers to write diary and prepare lesson plans. Similarly, it’s also important for students to write daily their homework or school work diary. As the topic clears we’ll not discuss about student’s diary anymore.

What is a Teacher Diary?

A teacher diary is a diary where a teacher records what happens in his/her class and what he/she teaches on a particular day, in a particular class, subject and period. It includes activities done by teacher and students. In addition, He/She also records what he/she assigns to students as homework or classwork. Teacher diaries are used as development tools.

Teacher diary, usually, includes following 7 columns;

  1. Class
  2. Subject
  3. Book Page Number
  4. Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)
  5. Activities
  6. Auditory and Visual Aids (AV Aids)
  7. Review and Written Work

You can see these 7 columns in following two samples of Teacher Dairies.

teacher diary sample 2
teacher diary sample 1

First three column name describe themselves in clear way, while fourth column i.e Students Learning Outcome, is all about what the students will learn after your today’s lesson. Similarly, in fifth column teacher writes if he/she have done any kind of activities related to their lesson. AV Aids column includes what charts, slides or other such things you’ve used for better understanding. While the last column will have what you’ll assign to students to do themselves e.g any homework or classwork etc. it may be written or any other activity.

Why is it important to write Teacher diary?

Teaching, now a days, has become a challenging and ever changing profession. It is transforming in all aspects like the learner, teaching environment and curriculum. Teaching must be done in accordance with the learner’s needs. A teacher is expected to satisfy the needs of the learner.

Teaching is not merely providing information to the learner but it is bringing a radical change in learning process which leads to the grooming of a good knowledgeable learner.

So, a teacher has to plan all the learning process critically before teaching the learner. It will help in avoiding bad practices implemented by a teacher unintentionally and at the same time makes the learning process effective and comfortable to the learner.

It can be done by meticulous planning and careful recording of every aspect of learning process in detail by the teacher before taking a class. Therefore, a Teacher diary is a great help in this regard.

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Now it’s time to download Teacher diary, just click below download button and on next download page you can download it. Remember please, Teacher diary is in Pdf format, so, you’ll need a Pdf viewer in order to view or print it. Print as much as page as you need, also you can share this diary with your colleagues or other teachers.

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Thank you for reading “How to write Teacher Dairy Lesson Plan and Download Teacher Diary Free” What are you thoughts about Teacher’s diary writing? Don’t forget to comment your ideas. In case of any query, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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