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Maternity and Paternity Leave Notifications and Amendments

Here you can find Maternity and Paternity Leave Notifications and Amendments. You will need Maternity leave or Paternity leave, if you are female or male serving in any department of Punjab.

Maternity and Paternity Leave Notifications and Amendments

Government of Punjab has issued the notification No. FD.SR.II.9-107/2012, dated 30th October, 2012, regarding Maternity & Paternity Leave for the Provincial Govt Employees.

According to this notification:

A female civil servant may, for the maximum period of ninety (90) days, be granted maternity leave with full pay outside her leave account, at any time, immediately before or after the birth of a child and she shall not be required to provide fitness certificate for purposes of joining duties after such leave.


A male civil servant may, for a maximum period of seven days, be granted paternity leave on full pay outside his leave account on or immediate before the birth of his child.

Provided that such leave shall be admissible only for two time during the entire service.

Check following attached copy of notification dated 30th October, 2012;


Following clear copy of same notification dated 30th October, 2012;


On the very next day government of Punjab issued another amendment regarding Maternity and Paternity Leave Notifications. This amendment, clearly says that the sanction authority for maternity and paternity leave is immediate in-charge i.e Headmaster or Principal etc. Check bellow


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22 Replies to “Maternity and Paternity Leave Notifications and Amendments

  1. joining is necessary after next day of maternity leave or can be extended with any other leave casual or medicak l

        1. Sir here on this page you can find the official latest notification, no any other notification is issued!

  2. Aoa,
    I have availed one maternity leave last year. Now in my contract it is stated that i can only avail one time maternity leave with pay. Is there is no 2nd time maternity leave for working women in school?

    1. W Salam, You can avail it again, don’t look into rules, just submit application for maternity leave & get off from duty, nothing will happen, best wishes!

  3. Aslam o alikum.
    Sir i m working as ESE and I have 4 years service. I m still on contract and have availed 1 maternity leave. Now i need maternity leave again. I want to ask that now i have get maternity leave without pay?

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