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MEA Schools Monthly Indicators

MEA Schools Monthly Indicators

MEA Schools Monthly Indicators

MEA Schools Monthly Indicators. Monitoring and Evolution Authority (MEA) visits Punjab Government Schools every month. Online reports of MEA for all schools. You can check online MEA submitted reports for your school here on To check MEA visit report enter EMIS Code of any school.

The Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), School Education Department, employs 1100 field officers. These field officers visit all the public schools across Punjab, every month, and report key stats including student enrollment, teacher presence, and the availability of utilities. The benefits of the new monitoring mechanism have been enormous, and include real-time reporting. Real-time reportring with pictorial evidence, geo-tagging of sites visited, and automatic SMS alerts on target performance.

Schools Monthly Indicators MEA Visit

Monitoring and evaluation provides a consolidated source of information of project progress that contributes to transparency, accountability, retention and finally to the development of an institution. It also helps in the evidence-based policy making and ensures that desired outcomes are achieved. Owing to critical importance of the process, Government of the Punjab (GoPb) has instituted a comprehensive school monitoring mechanism. Its key components are Annual School Census and Monthly Monitoring System. At the apex of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system is the Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU), which works in conjunction with the Department of School Education, acting as the monitoring and implementation wing of the Department. PMIU’s key task with regard to monitoring is to regulate an effective data collection system at the district level.



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