What Punjab Examination Commission [PEC] do?

What Punjab Examination Commission [PEC] do?

Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) functions in an organized and strategic manner that begins with the registration for exams and ends at formulation of district wise analytical exam reports.


PEC does not register any student in any case. Registration is done only by respective Examination Cluster Center (ECC) – Govt. Secondary/Higher Secondary School. Generally, registration starts in the month of November and all candidates can get registered through prescribed forms available at education offices or ECC in their respective districts or can be downloaded here.
Registration is free of cost. All districts register their students by using PEC Online Student Registration Software (OSRS).

Roll Number Slips

After issuing roll numbers, PEC sends the data to the respective districts for further verification. Once verified, PEC issues the final roll number slips to each district which are then delivered to schools and private candidates.

Conduct & Scoring

Administration of the tests is the responsibility of the Executive District Office (Education). They allocate examination centers for nearby schools or students, select supervisory staff, monitoring staff, examiners for scoring and head examiners for monitoring the scoring process. The scoring centers for each subject at tehsil level are also decided by the district. Examination of grade V and VIII are conducted in 1st and 2nd weeks of February every year respectively.

Preparation of Results

After scoring the papers, districts supply scoring sheets of all the students of all subjects to PEC. The scoring sheets consist of multiple choice questions marked by students and open ended questions marked by the examiners. The results are prepared through scanned images of the scoring sheets. PEC prepares results within six weeks and delivers the result gazettes reflecting total score of each student to the districts on 30th March every year. The districts announce the result on the 31st of March. The result can be checked on PEC website as well.
Later, the result reports are published. PEC delivers the results reports to districts for distribution to the students. The errors and complaints against result, name, date of birth etc are settled down through District Education Offices.


Punjab Examination Commission generates reports based on the data arising from the exam for grade V and VIII in the Punjab. The report is mainly concerned with overall achievement of students at district and provincial level and a comparison of mean level of student’s performance between districts, tehsiles, schools location, and gender and school sector. The item analysis reports are also generated to provide guidelines to the teachers for improving students learning. The reports can be seen on PEC website. The district wise detail analysis is also available at PEC for districts use.

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