Report Comment Request Centre

Report Comment Request Centre

Report Comment Request Centre

Here at Report Comment Request Centre, you can report about any broken link or any copyright content. Comments about SEDiNFO.NET may include your kind suggestions, ideas or anything else like this. We welcome your Requests about any educational resource, which you could not find on SEDiNFO.NET


47 Replies to “Report Comment Request Centre

  1. Please Upload These Two Books Please Help Me I am so Poor Man and your website is very great for me and for all of my kind. Please!
    Math 9th class Urdu Medium
    Computer Science 9th Class English Medium

  2. sir please upload 10th class paper notes of all subjects chapter wise science English medium . I shall be very thankful to you .

    1. We are extremely sorry Mam. We are unable to provide your required keybook at this time. We assure you, we will upload it soon. Insha Allah


  3. Hello please upload Mili Naghmas of Hishaam Faisal Siddique
    “Sar zameen e wafa” , “Mere Watan Meri Shan Mahiya” , “Jug Jug Jiye”

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