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Types of Sentences Basis of Function

Types of Sentences Basis of Function

Types of Sentences Basis of Function

A combination of words which gives a complete meaning is called a sentence. There are various types of sentence depending upon its structure and function. On the basis of its function, a sentence has the following four kinds.

  1. Declarative Sentence
  2. Interrogative Sentence
  3. Imperative Sentence
  4. Exclamatory Sentence

1⇒ Declarative Sentence

A sentence which declares or asserts a statement is called declarative sentence. It simply announces an idea. It has a plan statement. A declarative sentence ends with a full-stop mark or a period (.).


  • He bought a new laptop.
  • They are playing football.
  • He is going to college.
  • I saw my friend in the street.
  • He is studying a book.
  • She is watching a movie

2⇒ Interrogative Sentence

A sentence that has a question is called Interrogative sentence. It is also called a question-sentence. An interrogative sentence ends with a question-mark (?).


  • How are you?
  • When will he come?
  • Where are you going?
  • What is your hobby?
  • Will you help me?

3⇒ Imperative Sentence

A sentence which expresses a request, a command or an order is called imperative sentence. An imperative sentence mostly ends with a period (.). It can also sometimes ends with an exclamation mark (!) depending upon the emotion in the sentence.


  • Turn off the light.                       (command)
  • Give me some food.                  (request)
  • Please cooperate with me.       (request)
  • Don’t smoke.                                (advice)
  • Don’t waste your time.                (advice)
  • Get out of the room.                  (command)

4⇒ Exclamatory Sentence

A sentence which expresses strong emotion or feeling is called an exclamatory sentence. It describes emotions or feelings of joy, anger, sorrow, surprise, excitement, frustration and appreciation. An exclamatory sentence is ended with an exclamation mark (!).


  • Hurrah! We won the race!                (emotions of joy)
  • Alas! I lost my purse!                        (emotions of sorrow)
  • What a nice car!                                 (emotions of surprise)
  • Hurrah! I got selected for the job!   (emotion of joy)
  • How nicely they are dancing!          (emotions of surprise)
  • It’s fantastic!                                       (emotion of excitement)
  • How intelligent you are!                    (emotions of surprise)

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