9th Class English Book Media and Its Impact Short Questions

9th Class English Book

 Unit-3 Media and Its Impact Short Questions

(i) What is the most important function that media performs?
Ans. Media is the most powerful means of communication. Thus the most important function of media is to share news, information and facts around the globe with people. Media also educates and entertains people. 
(ii) What are the two major means of communication?
Ans. The two major means of communication are;
(a) Print media
(b) Electronic media
(iii) What type of information does media provide?
Ans. Media is the most powerful means of communication. It provides all types of information particularly news around the globe with people. It also provides entertainment, help, fun and education etc. 
(iv) How does media provide entertainment?
Ans. Media provides entertainment through films, dramas, stage shows, talk shows, music shows and comedies etc.
(v) What happens when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?
Ans. When media is allowed to play it’s role unchecked, it spreads false news.
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