Download LND Versions 7 & LND Versions 8 Practice Tests
Download LND Versions 7 & LND Versions 8 Practice Tests

Here you van download LND Versions 7 & LND Versions 8 Practice Tests. A perfect LND book that includes worksheet & SLOs according to new LND version 7 & 8. Moreover, these versions are best to prepare MEAs monthly tests.

Download LND Versions 7 & LND Versions 8 Practice Tests

The LND booklet includes practice test for Math & English & Urdu subjects. Furthermore, all these practice tests are according to new revised SLOs. With the help of this LND Version 7 & 8 students of Grade 3 can learn English, Math & Urdu easily.

New Updated SLOs:

Updated SLOs now include following more aspects of Math & English

  • Identify the shapes
  • Recognize & name unit fractions
  • Identify the number of simple naming words by adding “s” & “es”
New Updates SLOs in LND 7 & 8 Version
New Updated SLOs

Check following picture for complete SLOs of English, Math & Urdu subjects.

Complete SLOs of LND 7 & 8 Versions Book

As, LND Version 7 & 8 is in pdf format, therefore, you’ll need a pdf file reader, to be installed on your pc or mobile phone.

To download required LND Versions Practice Tests, click following download button.


How to Download files

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