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9th Class Mathematics Science BISE Study Notes

9th-math-notesHere Download 9th Class Mathematics Science BISE Study Notes. Download 9th class Math Notes. Math 9th Class notes for Science students. You can also download 9th class notes for subjects. 9th Class Urdu notes, 9th Class Chemistry notes, 9th Class Computer notes, 9th Class Pakistan Studies notes, 9th Class Biology notes, 9th Class Islamic Studies notes, 9th Class Physics notes and 9th Class English notes

Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) is responsible for conducting 9th and 10th class exams. At the same time, all know that 9th class and 10th Class BISE hold annual exams normally before Intermediate exams. 9th class and 10th class board exams phase is considered as the difficult phase for the aspirants. As they appear in the board exams for the first time. And they are bit nervous about that how to prepare for the exams excellently.

9th Class Mathematics Science BISE Study Notes

The pattern of board exams is a bit different from the school exams. Hence, here on SEDiNFO.NET, we are providing the complete online testing system for BISE Classes. In 9th class and 10th Class almost 20% of papers come in the form of objective. Objective comprises of multiple choice questions. The marking division, However in objective and subjective of all the papers is different from one another.

Math Notes for 9th Class

9th Class Math NotesThrough online testing system of SEDiNFO.NET, students can prepare for their objective type paper in a better way. And will be able to attempt their board exams exceptionally. As half of the paper depend on objective type. Hence, students will be able to improve their marks through their good attempt of objective type paper.

Subjects in 9th class and 10th class including Islamiyat, Urdu, English, Pakistan Study, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Computer Science and Others. Here you can download study notes for all subjects. The aspirants of 9th class and 10th class can download or read online study notes for each subject as many times as they want.

Download 9th Class Math Solved Notes

Unit No. Unit Name Download Notes
1 Matrices and Determinants Unit 1 Solved Notes
2 Real and Complex Numbers Unit 2 Solved Notes
3 Logarithms Unit 3 Solved Notes
4 Algebraic Expressions and Algebraic Unit 4 Solved Notes
5 Factorization Unit 5 Solved Notes
6 Algebraic Manipulation Unit 6 Solved Notes
7 Linear Equations and Inequalities Unit 7 Solved Notes
8 Linear Graphs & Their Application Unit 8 Solved Notes
9 Introduction to Coordinate Geometry Unit 9 Solved Notes
10 Congruent Triangles Unit 10 Solved Notes
11 Parallelograms and Triangles Unit 11 Solved Notes
12 Line Bisectors and Angle Bisectors Unit 12 Solved Notes
13 Sides and Angles of a Triangle Unit 13 Solved Notes
14 Ratio and Proportion Unit 14 Solved Notes
15 Pythagoras Theorem Unit 15 Solved Notes
16 Theorems Related with Area Unit 16 Solved Notes
17 Practical Geometry — Triangles Unit 17 Solved Notes

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