AIOU FA Past Papers General Group

AIOU Matric Past Years Papers

AIOU FA Past Papers General Group

Here you can find AIOU FA Past Papers General Group. FA AIOU past papers of previous semesters. Autumn and Spring both semesters AIOU FA Past Papers. AIOU, Islamabad has introduced a wide range of undergraduate, graduate, Master’s, M.Phil. and Doctoral programs. The University also offers basic functional courses for illiterates and semi-literates. These programs have given distinction to the University in relation to other educational institutions of Pakistan. It caters to the needs of all age groups and levels of education.

Programme Name: Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group)

Open University’s Past papers include the last five years past papers, students can prepare themselves with these up to dated papers. Past papers are act like Guess for the students because there are some questions that repeats every year. These questions are really important so the paper maker could not stop himself in putting these questions into the annual papers. Official link for Programme Details

Download AIOU FA Past Years Papers Code wise

Sr. No.CodeCourse NameCode Past Papers
1301Daftri UrduCode 301 Past Papers
2303IqbaliatCode 303 Past Papers
3305Rural DevelopmentCode 305 Past Papers
4307Electrical WiringCode 307 Past Papers
5308General ScienceCode 308 Past Papers
6309ArabicCode 309 Past Papers
7311Book Keeping & AccountancyCode 311 Past Papers
8312EducationCode 312 Past Papers
9313Dairy HusbandryCode 313 Past Papers
10314ElectricianCode 314 Past Papers
11315EconomicsCode 315 Past Papers
12316IslamiatCode 316 Past Papers
13317Pakistan StudiesCode 317 Past Papers
14319EthicsCode 319 Past Papers
15321Muslim History of the Sub-ContinentCode 321 Past Papers
16322Secretarial PracticeCode 322 Past Papers
17326Farm Income Generating SkillsCode 326 Past Papers
18327Farm MachineryCode 327 Past Papers
19328Improved Methods of Oil Seed CropsCode 328 Past Papers
20329Jadeed ZaratCode 329 Past Papers
21330Child Care & DevelopmentCode 330 Past Papers
22332Auto ServicingCode 332 Past Papers
23341Maintenance of House Hold Electrical AppliancesCode 341 Past Papers
24342Improved Methods of Fruit ProductionCode 342 Past Papers
25343Islamiat ElectiveCode 343 Past Papers
26344Basic ElectronicsCode 344 Past Papers
27345Home Management & Home FurnishingCode 345 Past Papers
28346Principles of CommerceCode 346 Past Papers
29347BankingCode 347 Past Papers
30348Radio ServicingCode 348 Past Papers
31349Plant ProtectionCode 349 Past Papers
32351Auto MechanicsCode 351 Past Papers
33355Consumer TextileCode 355 Past Papers
34356Food & NutritionCode 356 Past Papers
35357Health & NutritionCode 357 Past Papers
36358Apparel DesignCode 358 Past Papers
37359Understanding of Maths, Stats & ComputersCode 359 Past Papers
38360IT ApplicationsCode 360 Past Papers
39361PersianCode 361 Past Papers
40363Urdu -ICode 363 Past Papers
41364Urdu -IICode 364 Past Papers
42365Family & Community HealthCode 365 Past Papers
43366Action for HealthCode 366 Past Papers
44369Communication Skills for Health WorkersCode 369 Past Papers
45370General Science for Health WorkersCode 370 Past Papers
46371Women PolicingCode 371 Past Papers
47372CriminologyCode 372 Past Papers
48376Human RightsCode 376 Past Papers
49379Biology -IIICode 379 Past Papers
50386English -ICode 386 Past Papers
51387English -IICode 387 Past Papers
52388PenologyCode 388 Past Papers
53389Quran-e-HakimCode 389 Past Papers
54390HadithCode 390 Past Papers
55391FiqhCode 391 Past Papers
56392Usul-ul-FiqhCode 392 Past Papers
57394Statistics-ICode 394 Past Papers
58395Statistics-IICode 395 Past Papers
59398Sindhi Easy Urdu-ICode 398 Past Papers
60399Code 399 Past Papers
611307Mathematics-ICode 1307 Past Papers
621308Mathematics-IICode 1308 Past Papers
631309Mathematics-IIICode 1309 Past Papers

If you check these last five years past papers then you are able to get good marks. Because now you are full prepared for these questions before. These past papers are also useful in a manner that they can provide you the correct paper patterns. Paper patterns in which pattern does the questions come in the annual examination in the examination hall.

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