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Schools Advance Fee Ban Notification 2018


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Notification Subject: Ban on Collection of Summer Vacation Fee in Advance

Schools Advance Fee Ban Notification 2018

Schools Advance Fee Ban Notification 2018. According to notification issued on 10th May, 2018. Honorable High Court has taken serious notice of Summer Vacation Fee by most of the Private schools in advance for the month of June, July 2018.

So all Private schools are directed not to collect Summer Vacation Tuition Fee.

In case of any complaint received from the parents, strict action will be taken against the defaulter.

Furthermore the registration of the defaulters will be cancelled on violation of Govt. Instructions.

For more information kindly read notification’s copy given below!

Summer Vacations Notification 2018


Schools Advance Fee Ban Notification 2018

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  1. dear sir

    allied school data nagar campus shar shsh road badami bagh lahore.

    this school are recived june to july monthe fee. is it legal . are not pleas take some action.

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