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SIS School Information System Punjab

SIS School Information System Punjab

SIS School Information System PunjabHere on this page you will know about SIS School Information System Punjab. As per decisions taken by the Government of Punjab GOP and School Education Department (SED), all the Public Schools of Punjab will be self reporting their data in the central IT system. Punjab Information Technology Board PITB has developed School Information System SIS and its android application ‘Parho Punjab’ to facilitate schools to self-report data through this app, which is to installed on the tabls PCs purchased by the schools.

In April 2017, the School Education Department collaborated with the PITB to institutionalize a tablet-based School Information System (SIS) – allowing schools to self-report data in real-time. “The system helps track enrollment and retention for each individual student. So far, public schools in the Punjab have registered 10.6 million students.” For each student, the CNIC numbers of their parents/guardians, phone numbers, date of birth, enrollment year and current grade, is maintained in the database. CNIC numbers are verified via the NADRA database for authenticity. 

To gauge quality of data, the PITB also engages call-center services to randomly select schools and call parents who register in the system by schools. The feedback routes to the School Education Department.

Features of School Information System Punjab

Key Features in Place:

  • Student registration module – to enroll students from K through 12.
  • Teacher registration module – to maintain updated teacher profiles
  • Student attendance tracking
  • Local database on tablet, and auto-sync with central server
  • Real-time reporting and analysis – by district, grade, gender, and yearly comparison

Next Steps:

  • Real time reports via smart-phone app, and SMS alerts for Education Administrators
  • SMS-alerts to parents, if student attendance falls below threshold, or when MEA complete school visit
  • Timely data access for MEAs, when they per form spotvisits to schools
  • An iris-based attendance system has also been developed and tested. Integrated with SIS, this could serve as a viable solution for teacher and student attendance.

Check SIS School Information System Summary Here


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