Teachers e-Transfer Policy & Procedure
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Teachers e Transfer Policy Procedure Objectives & Benefits

Here you can find complete information regarding Teachers e Transfer Policy, Procedure, Objectives & Benefits. The Government of Punjab has issued the e Transfer Policy with it’s complete procedure. Moreover, you can also find here e-Transfer’s objectives & benefits.

Teachers e Transfer Policy Procedure Objectives & Benefits

Teachers e Transfer Policy Procedure Objectives & Benefits

Now a days, Modern technology has helped increase productivity. Humans sometimes fail to deliver on time & quality. Most of the countries have integrated modern technology in their departments, increasing output and allowing for more consistent quality.

e-Transfer is a great step by the Government of Punjab. It’ll surely facilitate all the teachers, as well as, clerical staff. We congratulate to Govt of Punjab & Teachers for this extraordinary step. Wish you the very Good Luck with your start.

What are Key Objectives of E-Transfer Policy?

Following are the key objectives of E-Transfer Policy:

  • Make the transfer process transparent & merit oriented
  • Make the transfer process systematic, credible & reliable
  • Minimize human interference, favoritism & tackle corruption
  • To enforce stipulated timelines (during summer break)
  • To help avoid frequent transfers all year round

What is the Procedure of Online e-Transfer Application?

Online e-Transfer Procedure goes through following steps:

  • Transfer/Posting will only be done online, via Transfer App
  • Once Transfer application have been submitted, the e-Transfer system will auto generate wait-list of applications for each school & post it online.
  • Teachers can raise objections against his/her own rank in the waitlist or that of others.
  • The concerned transferring authorities will have online access to review, approve or reject received applications based on waitlist order
  • The concerned transferring authorities will get verification of the documents from concerned issuing authorities
  • For approved applications, Transfer orders with QR-Code will be auto generated from the system, for applications that meet all criteria & documentation authenticity requirements

The following diagrams clearly shows the whole e Transfer Process.

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Procedure of Online e-Transfer Application

Procedure of Online e-Transfer Application 2

Two Step Application Process:

This e Transfer of Teachers involves following two main phases.

Phase 01: Within District Transfers 35 Days

Phase 02: Across District Transfers 25 Days

  • Open merit transfers will be opened for a defined period during summer break
  • Applications for Mutual, Wedlock & Compassionate grounds transfers will be processed throughout the year

What are the Benefits of e-Transfer?

Following the main benefits of e Transfers:

  • Convenient mobile access
  • Standardized application procedure with defined time period
  • Online availability of information regarding available school & seats
  • Online availability of marks of all applicants
  • System is designed in a way that it will facilitate teachers to transfer to their nearby schools
  • Fewer in Person visits
  • Minimal operator invention
  • Central helpline & complaints logging
  • Easy access to instructions and applicable policies
  • No travel, No Sifaarish & No Money involved
Two Step Application Process:

That’s all about Teachers e Transfer Policy Procedure Objectives & Benefits. In case of any query, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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