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What is Prepositional Verb?

What is Prepositional Verb?

A preposition verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition. It is simply a verb followed by a preposition.

Some verbs require specific prepositions to be used after them in a sentence. The combination of such a verb and its required preposition is called a prepositional verb.

Prepositional Verb = Verb + Preposition


  • She is waiting for him.
  • He is knocking at the door.
  • She is listening to music.
  • The kids are laughing at a joker.
  • We believe in God.
  • She is suffering from fever.
  • agree with you.
  • agree to your proposal.

Some commonly used prepositional verbs are as follows:

e.g. Laugh at, knock at, listen to, consist of, beg for, look at, wait for, agree with, agree too, believe in, suffers from, remind of, worry about, approve of, charge with,

Using correct preposition in a prepositional-verb is very important.  A sentence, having a wrong preposition, is grammatically not correct.

  • Examples:
    He is knocking on the door.        (WRONG)
  • He is knocking at the door.         (CORRECT)

Note: Prepositional verbs must have an object in the sentence. The object comes directly after the preposition of the prepositional-verb.


  • She is suffering from fever.
  • Don’t laugh at poor.
  • She is looking at the black-board.
  • The dog is barking at a stranger.

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