Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense

Past Continuous Tense is used to mention an ongoing action of the past. It expresses past actions having an on-going nature. An action, that continued for some time in past, are expressed in Past Progressive Tense.

‘Past Continuous Tense’ is also called ‘Past Progressive Tense’.

Structure of Sentence:

→ Main Verb: Present Participle (1st form of verb + ing) e.g. sleeping, going.
→ Auxiliary verbs: “Was / Were”

Note: If the subject of the sentence is “I, She, He” or a singular noun, the auxiliary “was”  is used. If the subject of sentence is “You, they,” or a plural noun, the auxiliary “were” will be use.

Positive Sentences

→  Subject + Auxiliary verb + Main verb + Object
→ Subject + Were / Was + Present Participle (Verb + ing) + An object


  • He was waiting for you.
  • She was writing a letter.
  • He was driving his car.
  • She was making preparation for the exam.
  • The dog was barking at them.
  • You were smiling to see me.
  • I was planning about my studies.
  • They were eating their food.

 Negative Sentences

→ Subject + Auxiliary verb + NOT + Main Verb + Object
→ A subject + Were / was + NOT + Present Participle + Object


  • I was not expecting such a foolish behavior from him.
  • He was not sleeping.
  • She was not washing her clothes.
  • They were not shouting.
  • You were not driving carefully.
  • The snake was not running toward you.
  • She was not decorating her room.
  • He was not reading the book.
  • I was not walking alone.
  • The kids were not playing with the toys.

⇒ Question Sentences

→ Auxiliary verb + Subject + Main verb+ Object
→ Were / was + Subject + Present Participle + Object


  • Were they going to their college?
  • Was he coming to his home?
  • Was she singing a song?
  • Were you asking me something?
  • Was I calling you?
  • Were the people shouting at him?
  • Was he listening to you?
  • Was she walking in the street?
  • Were you working in that factory?
  • Was I answering the question correctly?

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