9th Math Notes
9th Class

9th Math Notes

9th Math Notes

9th Class Math Notes
New Updated Syllabus 2020-21
For FBISE & all other Boards

Welcome to 9th Class Math Notes New Updated Syllabus 2020-21 Download Page. On this page you can free download 9th class Mathematics notes. Short Syllabus Math science group notes under ALP 2020-21. Math notes are available for both English & Urdu Medium students. In addition, these are the notes for Math subject for 9th class Science Group students. Moreover, notes are according to the syllabus of FBISE & all Punjab BISE boards. Ever best & most comprehensive math study notes, free of cost.

You can download or read online 9th Mathematics in more than one version. You can download all versions of math notes & check to find the best one for you. Therefore, now you can prepare the Mathematics paper / test from your favorite English / Urdu medium notes. All the 9th class math study notes include solved exercises as well as easy to understand solved questions. Furthermore, notes will also elaborate the best practices to be the high achiever in Math’s subject.

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Download 9th Class Math Notes
Science Group English Medium Updated Syllabus

Available 9th Math Updated Syllabus notes are below; you can read online or you can download them to save on your mobile or PC. In addition, don’t forget to share these grade 9 Mathematics notes with your classmates & friends.


In order to download the 9th Math solved notes, click on any unit below, on the next page you’ll find the download button of that specific unit.


Unit 1

Matrices & Determinants


Unit 2

Real & Complex Numbers


Unit 3



Unit 4

Algebraic Expressions & Algebraic


Unit 5



Unit 6

Algebraic Manipulation


Unit 7

Linear Equations & Inequalities


Unit 8

Linear Graphs & Their Application


Unit 9

Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

Unit 10

Congruent Triangles


Unit 11

Parallelograms & Triangles


Unit 12

Line Bisectors & Angle Bisectors


Unit 13

Sides & Angles of a Triangle


Unit 14

Ratio & Proportion


Unit 15

Pythagoras Theorem


Unit 16

Theorems Related with Area


Unit 17

Practical Geometry - Triangles


Download 9th Math Book

Textbook Board's 9th Class Math (Science Group) PDF Book.

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