About Punjab Examination Commission [PEC]

About Punjab Examination Commission [PEC]

About PEC

Overview: Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is an autonomous body set up by the Government of the Punjab to assess and examine students’ learning achievements particularly of grade 5 and 8. PEC started functioning in 2005 and in 2006 conducted 5th grade population examination for the first time in the Province. Now PEC is a statutory body working under Punjab Examination Commission Act XI of 2010. More Overview

Background: Before the establishment of PEC, examinations were organized by the Director Public Instructions (DPI) that provided guidelines along with Model Question Papers for Grade–V and Grade-VIII. The Executive District officers of Education were required to develop the question papers according to the pattern of model papers and further arrange examinations for grade V and VIII in accordance to the guidelines given by the Directorate. However, the schedule for the examinations along with activity plan was provided by the Directorate of Public Instruction (EE), Punjab. More Background

Functions: The Punjab Education Commission functions to:

  • Design, develop, implement, maintain, monitor and evaluate a system of examination for elementary education.
  • Formulate policies and programs for conducting examinations.
  • Collect data from research in order to improve curricula and teaching methodology.
  • Recommend strategies for capacity building of the teachers and educationists that in turn would improve the assessment system of students.
  • Identify the areas where improvement in training of the teachers or educationists is required.
  • Promote public discussions on issues pertaining to elementary education.
  • Advise the Government on all policy matters relating to the objectives of the Commission.
  • Approve annual research program and annual budget of the Commission.
  • Perform functions that may be ancillary to its functions, or as may be prescribed or as may be assigned by the Government. More Functions

Composition of the Commission:

Mehwish Sultana
Member Provincial Assembly
Muhammad Aslam Rao
Chief Executive Officer

Complete Members List Here

Core Team: Core Team Complete List Here



Governing Laws: 

Punjab Examination Commission Act 2010

PEC Budget:

Financial Year

Total Budget

Total Expenditure

2016-2017 1,002,818,000


















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