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Employees Salary Slip Registration Problem

Employees Salary Slip Registration Problem

In case, if you’re facing employees salary slip registration problem & not receiving your salary slips. On this page you’ll know how to resolve this problem. As, Pifra employees monthly salary slips are a kind of much important, so, we’ll definitely resolve your problem.

Employees Salary Slip Registration Problem – Pifra Salary Slips Not Receiving Solution

There are a large number of employees, who face this problem. But, they don’t know how to solve this problem. Therefore, we’ll show you how you can get rid of not receiving problem the Pifra salary slip.

One important thing should keep in mind that it’s not Pifra’s fault, as, most of the employees think. No doubt, Pifra also face some system problems & do not send slips sometime. But, after system recovers, they send all the slips that were missed due to system down time.

So, if it’s not Pifra’s fault, who’s responsible for this problem, in which employee’s did not receive their slips! Let’s try to find out some possible reasons behind this;

Possible Reasons for Not Receiving Employees Salary Slips

Possible Reasons for Not Receiving Employees Salary Slips

1. First of all, many people forgot their actual email, which they registered with Pifra. But, now what they remember is a wrong email. Resultantly, they never receive any Salary Slip from Pifra.

2. Second reason may be the wrong email entered during registration. Sometime, during registration, you mistype email, unknowingly. Therefore, you never receive the slip.

3. Third reason may be of not proper complete registration. May be you’ve not completed the registration process & left uncompleted. As, there are 3 steps to complete the registration process.

4. The final reason, most of time employee is receiving his/her Pifra monthly salary slip on regular basis. But, he/she did not know in which folder of Email, it is available. As, mostly slips are sent to promotion folder.

Solution for Not Receiving Employees Salary Slips

Solution for Not Receiving Employees Salary Slips

Now after possible reasons, let’s find solution of this problem. In order to solve this problem, you’ve to go through following steps;

1. First of all check your email’s “Promotion” folder or “All mail folder. Probably, you’ll find all your Pifra salary slips one of them If you don’t see any salary slip, move to next step.

2. You can also solve this problem by filtering the Pifra emails. In order to filter, you need to create a separate folder “Salary Slips” by applying filter of Pifra Email. Click here to watch video for more details about this step.

3. Now when you’re confirmed, you are not receiving your salary slip in any folder of your gmail, go through the following procedure!

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31 Replies to “Employees Salary Slip Registration Problem

        1. Yes, if you’ve been receiving slips before, then you’ll receive all your previous slips once system is ok

        2. dear i have forgetten my password i had so many try but did not get my gmail if u help me for recory my gmail i shall b thankful to you.and plz tell tellme how i delet my salary gmail and make other one plz tell me

    1. If you’ve been receiving slips before, then you’ll receive all your previous slips once system is ok, as system is facing problems from previous 2 months



    1. Send your registered email at [email protected] (mention personnel no and registered email address). After some days you’ll receiver email of successfully unsubscribed. After this register again with same email or another & you’ll start receive slips.

  2. whenever i try to register for salary slip system says maazrat ess waqt system mojood nahi. help me out

    1. In order to receive your monthly salary slip, Please register your email by following few easy steps, given above on this page!

  3. سرجی میں نے تقریبا 6 مہینے پہلےسیلری سلیپ رجسٹرڈ کیاھے لیکن ابھی تک مجھے کوی سیلری سلیپ موصول نہی سر رھنمای کرے

    1. Sir first of all check your email’s promotion folder, agr wahan ni hy to ap ne galat email register kr lia hy!

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