Grade 1 Academic Calendar 2020
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Grade 1 Academic Calendars 2020

Grade 1 Academic Calendar 2020

On this page you can download Grade 1 Academic Calendars 2020. The COVID-19 Accelerated Response for Schools for class 1. The Academic calendars include short syllabus under Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) 2020. Grade 1 academic calendars have syllabus detail of all major subjects including Math & English.

Grade 1 Academic Calendars 2020

The Academic Calendars for grade 1, will ensure the successful execution of COVID-19 accelerated response plan. The primary focus is on developing lesson plans that address 1st class Students’ Learning Outcomes. In addition, it allows teachers to help learners (students) discover concepts & provision of support materials in form of worksheets.

After a lag of months due to COVID-19, the schools are reopening & academic activities are resuming in phased manner across Punjab. The school closure caused reduction in 1st grade students contact time in current academic year, resulting in learning loss for children. This extraordinary situation called for a custom designed approach in order to ensure that the remaining academic time is utilized in the most efficient manner.

Contents of Grade 1 Academic Calendars 2020

The Academic Calendar of Grade 1 includes English & Mathematics. Table of Contents of Grade 1 Academic Calendars is as under;

Contents of Grade 1 Academic Calendar 2020

Download Grade 1st Academic Calendars 2020

Let’s download the academic calendar of 1st class, click download button below;


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