Download SIS Punjab Android App Latest & Old all Versions fi
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Download SIS Punjab App Latest & Old all Versions

Download SIS Punjab App Latest & Old all Versions

On this page you can download SIS Punjab App Latest & Old all Versions. You can download latest official SIS Punjab app’s APK file. All the latest & old versions of SIS Punjab android app are available on this page.

Though, you require only the latest SIS Punjab App, we save all the release history. We update SIS Punjab’s APK as soon as it’s available on the Playstore.

Download SIS Punjab App Latest & Old all Versions

School Information System SIS-Punjab

School Information System (SIS) Punjab is an android app for Government School employees to maintain all schools’ data. Moreover, Government Teachers also use it to maintain their personal profiles.

SIS Punjab provides a number of online service to School Education Department’s (SED) employees. All kinds of transfers i.e Teachers Mutual Transfers, Open Merit Transfers & Transfers on Compassionate Grounds (Divorced, Wed-Lock etc.) are carried out through SIS Punjab App.

Online Teachers eTransfers via SIS Punjab App

Recently, Government of Punjab also added Casual Leave option in SIS Punjab App. Therefore, this has increased the importance of the SIS Punjab App for all Government Teachers, Head Teachers & Executive Officers. Though, SEDHr web version can also be used to avail Casual Leave, SIS Punjab App is more convenient for this purpose.

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To Download, Choose SIS Punjab App’s Version Below;

NOTE: All the given versions of SIS Punjab are official releases by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Our aim is to facilitate the users, sometime it’s difficult to download/update app form Playstore, particularly, when Playstore itself needs an update. So, the users can download latest version of SIS Punjab at this page easily.

Check: How to install SIS Punjab App’s APK?

SIS Punjab VersionRelease DateBuild VersionDownload SIS Punjab
new Latest V-4.9.631-12-2019132new Download Latest V-4.9.6
V-4.9.523-12-2019131Download V-4.9.5
V-4.9.413-12-2019130Download V-4.9.4
V-4.9.0❄❄❄❄❄126Download V-4.9.0
V-4.8.9❄❄❄❄❄125Download V-4.8.9
V-4.8.8❄❄❄❄❄124Download V-4.8.8
V-4.8.7❄❄❄❄❄123Download V-4.8.7
V-4.8.6❄❄❄❄❄122Download V-4.8.6
V-4.8.5❄❄❄❄❄121Download V-4.8.5
V-4.8.4❄❄❄❄❄120Download V-4.8.4
V-4.8.3❄❄❄❄❄119Download V-4.8.3
V-4.8.2❄❄❄❄❄118Download V-4.8.2
V-4.8.1❄❄❄❄❄117Download V-4.8.1
V-4.8.0❄❄❄❄❄116Download V-4.8.0
V-4.7.9❄❄❄❄❄115Download V-4.7.9
V-4.7.8❄❄❄❄❄114Download V-4.7.8
V-4.7.7❄❄❄❄❄113Download V-4.7.7
V-4.7.6❄❄❄❄❄112Download V-4.7.6

Disclaimer: The material on this page is for general information only. The SIS Punjab Android App is the Property of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), which can also be downloaded from Playstore’s Official Link.

How to Install SIS Punjab App’s APK?

In order to install downloaded SIS Punjab App, you need to turn on “Unknown sources”. You can find it in mobile phone setting’s “Security” tab. (shown in following photo)

How to Install SIS Punjab App's APK?

That’s all about “Download SIS Punjab App Latest & Old all Versions”. In case of any query, feel free to comment or contact us.

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